Special Issue: Futility of Care and the "Duty to Die"
(Volume 4, No. 6, November/December 1999)

Feature Articles
Food Additive Excitotoxins and Degenerative Brain Disorders
by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Extending Affordable Health Insurance to the Uninsurable
by Conrad F. Meier

Attacking the Heart of Medicine by Richard M. Salsman
Health Marts: A Free Market Health Care Solution by Peter J. Ferrara
Private Contracting --- No Final Word by Jane M. Orient, MD

Expostulating Human Cloning by Pat Flanagan, MD
Immortality and Medical Innovation by Lawrence Cranberg, MD

Medical Ethics and Managed Care
Futility of Care Guidelines and The Killing Fields of the Future by Lawrence R. Huntoon, MD, PhD

Correspondence: Medical Sentinel's "Open Data" Policy, Fraud Bank, Firearms: A Handbook for Health Professionals, Man's Natural Hostility to Ideas, Crossed Swords: Medicare Private Contracting

News Capsules: Gramscian Strategy for Universal Coverage, APA on Pedophilia and Deconstructing Fatherhood, Alcohol Consumption and Breast Cancer, AIDS vs Cancer, Cancer in Louisiana, Fraud and Abuse --- The Yoke is on You, Physicians Fingerprinted in Florida, AMAP Update, Director of NCIPC Resigns, Teenage Unemployment, NEJM Editor Ousted, No Refund for Bogus Research, Congressman Barr Calls for NewWaco Hearings, Back to Federalism, Books in Brief, etc.

News and Analysis: Inflammatory HCFA Notices, HCFA Bureaucracy Unable to Keep Up, HCFA Errs...Again, New Jersey Doctors Reject Clinical Pathways, Medicare HMOs Breaking the Law

President's Page
A Physician To Sit in the Front of the Bus by James P. Weaver, MD

Editor's Corner
Slouching Towards a Duty to Die by Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD

The Constitution - Plain and Simple
Conspiracy --- Part III by Curtis W. Caine, MD

Book Reviews
Forced Exit --- A Slippery Slope From Assisted Suicide to Legalized Murder
by Wesley J. Smith
Reviewed by Delbert H. Meyer, MD

The Future and Its Enemies by Virginia Postrel
Reviewed by Bert A. Loftman, MD

Yearly Cumulative Index


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