Volume 4, No. 3, May/June 1999

Feature Articles

The Tyranny of Public Health by Jacob Sullum
"Snake Oil" Cures in Health Care Policy Blunderland by Conrad F. Meier
Official Vaccine Policy Flawed by Roger Schlafly, PhD

Misinformation by Arthur B. Robinson, PhD


The Only Way To Get Smaller Government by Harry Browne
All Sail and No Anchor? by Paul Consolazio

Correspondence: Kudos to AAPS and Medical Sentinel, JAMA and Gun Control, The Police State of Medicine, Census, AMA and Peer Review, Thriving Outside Managed Care, The Health Care System as a Dysfunctional Family, Gift Subscriptions to the Medical Sentinel

News Capsules: DDP, Alarm Over Vaccines, "Dead Beat" Doctors, Air Bags, $120 Million Verdict, ATF, E&M, Y2K Glitch, Global Warming, Govt. to "Invest" Your Money?

News and Analysis: Monkey Medicine and Clinical Pathways, Market Disconnect, Cryptic Medicare Violations, Code A0999, Organ Donation State Imperative, Govt. War on Privacy, Criminalization of Medicine, Quality-Adjusted Life Years (QALY), HCFA Adm. Min DeParle on Private Contracting.

President's Page
That Infinitely Small Wedged-In Lever by James P. Weaver, MD

Editor's Corner
The Medical Sentinel --- A Breath of Fresh Air by Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD

The Constitution - Plain and Simple
A More Perfect Union --- Part II by Curtis W. Caine, MD

Report From the States
Minnesota's New Health Commissioner Effectiveness Questioned by Twila Brase, RN
End-of-Life Care in West Virginia by Jerome C. Arnett, Jr., MD

Book Reviews
For The Patient's Good --- The Restoration of Beneficence in Health Care
by Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD. Reviewed by Delbert H. Meyer, MD


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