Special Issue: Ethics
(Volume 3, No. 2, March/April 1998)

Feature Articles:
Hippocratic Oath: Discarded Relic or Living Soul of Medicine? by Donald J. Palmisano, MD, JD

The Oath of Hippocrates - Is It Relevant? by Franklin E. Payne, MD

The Transformation of Medical Ethics Through Time (Part II): Medical Ethics and Organized Medicine by Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

Health Care Freedom for Seniors: Medicare Private Contracting Examined by Terree P. Wasley

Open Letter to a Hospital Administrator by Jane M. Orient, MD.

Heal the World by P. Gardner Goldsmith

Medical Ethics and Managed Care
Stanley and the Mammogram by Lawrence R. Huntoon, MD, PhD

Internet Update
Connect to the "Net" by Andrew L. Schlafly, Esq.

Correspondence: The Killing of Patients for Profit, Communist Use of American POWs (Part I & II), Private Contracting, FDA Changes in Informed Consent Requirements for Experimental Treatment.

News and Analysis: Kassebaum-Kennedy Law, Immunization Activities, Fraud and Abuse, Private Contracting, Gun-Owners Survey, Nagging Questions About Oklahoma City Bombing, AMA Accreditation Monopoly, AMA Reimbursement Figuires, AMA Membership Optional? AMA and RWJ Crusade Against Binge Drinking, In the Wake of the Tobacco Wars, Global Warming.

President's Page
A Brief History of the Origin of Government: A Mandate for Its Limitation, not Reform by
Vernon L. Goltry, MD

Editor's Corner
Managed Care - Corporate Socialized Medicine by Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD

The Constitution - Plain and Simple
Part II: The States Form a Union by Curtis W. Caine, MD

Report From the States
The Forging of the Ohio Chapter of the AAPS by Samia W. Borchers, MD


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