Volume 3, No. 1,
January/February 1998

Feature Articles:

The Medicalization of the Schools - KidCare Through the School Door by Representative Samuel E. Rohrer

The Transformation of Medical Ethics Through Time (Part I):
Medical Oaths and Statist Controls

by Miguel A. Faria,Jr., M.D.

Physicians Hear This: Say Goodbye to Third-Party Payment or Die by James P. Weaver, MD

KiddieCare by P. Gardner Goldsmith

Medical Ethics and Managed Care
Managed Care, Medical Ethics, and the Killing of Patients for Profit by Lawrence R. Huntoon, MD, PhD

Correspondence: The IRS and Taxes, Reclaiming American Medicine, Regarding the Medical Sentinel's Fall 1997 issue.

News Capsules: Medical Sentinel Goes Bimonthly, AAPS 54th Annual Meeting, Remember the Alamo! A Prospective Surgeon General, Mother Teresa, RIP, Books in Brief, More Good Reading

News and Analysis: Village Care and KidCare --- "A Good Start?" Dissatisfied Physicians Serving Managed Care, AMA-Sunbeam Fiasco, Conservative Consensus Strikes a Blow for the First Amendment, A Medical Duty to Die? Guns and Safety, Switzerland Update

President's Page
The AAPS: Patient's and Physician's Good and Faithful Friend by Vernon L. Goltry, MD

Editor's Corner
Physician Unions --- A Piece of My Mind by Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD

The Constitution - Plain and Simple
Part I: The Colonies Become States by Curtis W. Caine, MD

Book Review
Bad Blood: Crisis in the American Red Cross. Reviewed by Jerome C. Arnett, Jr., MD, FCCP


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